ambulance and fire truck companies need to stop fucking around and replace their sirens with dubstep already. they’re already halfway there

hey everyone it’s time for new content. here’s a bunch of ducks from the Washington Memorial pool

Anonymous said: Have any of you (bewbin, pemsylvania, & officialunitedstates) ever met in person?

we all meet once a year for the annual posters conference where we discuss important topics such as month to month follower gain and upcoming memes

as i lay on my deathbed surrounded by those closest to me, i beckon for my apprentice. with a slow trembling hand, i reach within the folds of my robe to pull out a small usb drive and watch as he takes it and rushes over to the laptop. inside is only one file, labeled dick.txt, containing the login information for my blog. by the time he’s done reading, i’m already gone

one of the biggest benefits of being faceless is that it ensures continuity for this blog. no one will know when i die, a worthy successor of my choosing will just take over and continue posting, and the same will happen when they meet their demise. for all you know, there could already have been a previous owner to this blog. it’s a truly eternal brand